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The full URL to my substack is There will be no more new posts here, and eventually will point there, not here. Bye bye Blogger!

Ch-ch-ch changes....

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GREAT NEWS!  White Blood Count rocketed to 0.5 this morning! Pic coming later of the new counts w/ ejsphilly.  I guess that bone pain was for real.  The oxycodone has taken some, but not all of the pain away, and I don't feel too loopy -- I guess I got a really small dose.  I am going to push for a Saturday morning discharge.  Gotta talk to my doctor.

Project update: PRESENT RECEIVED!  My mom and dad finally received the electronic picture frame I'd been working on.  Yup, the special blog readers were my parents.  They have a tough time traveling, and we haven't made it back to Philly recently, so they haven't even gotten to meet their newest grandson.  We thought loading up a picture frame with the best of the best (with honors) of our family pics would be a good present.  I went through all of our pics from the last 8 months, and used pics from a few older slideshows that we made for special events.  e.g. our wedding slideshow.

Here are a couple pics of the kiddos while Heather is getting ready to wrap the present:

Orion and Floyd looking at a picture of the piano.

Floyd looking at a picture of Orion and Rider.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Cannot thank you and Heather enough! LOVE the electronic picture frame!! :)

  2. Nice nice nice, all around! Great plan on the photo frame, too... I did the same thing for MY parents after our Disney trip at the end of last year, put the best, oh, 800 pictures from the trip on one and set it to random shuffle. I think I destroyed the last of their productivity with that.

    I love Floyd's chair, BTW... keep up that white blood cell production, maybe listen to some White Stripes (you can figure out which album), and rock on.


  3. jg -- finally catching up on your life at this point! wow! life comes at you fast!! (;-) Your pluck is impressive and inspiring! I would love to communicate whenever / however that works for you! May you KIA!!!


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