All those numbers, give me guidance...

Blogging (via iPad) tunes: Howard Stern - 3/2/10

Tylenol and hot packs had little effect on my lower back, hip, and pelvic pain, so even though there might be nasty side effects I just took a small dose of oxycodone. This pain *better* be related to serious white blood cell production. I should know in a couple hours and will post when I do. Time to drink some cranberry juice.

Heather visited last night -- thanks, ejsphi for watching the kiddos. We watched Idol and The Office. The new judging panel sent 327 people to Hollywood this time around (which is twice the normal amount.) I can only guess they think this will allow them to come up with a stronger Top 24. We'll see.

Yo, check out Gaurav's awesome cap!  Yes, you can get yours too at for only $15.  Benji, you gotta get one to Marc for his next big keynote :)




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