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Life is a short warm moment...

Blogging tunes: Howard Stern - 2/10/2010

Ever listen to the Pink Floyd song Free Four (from Obscured by clouds)?  Musically, it's happy and bouncy.  Lyrically, it's pretty dark.  Popped into my head recently.  Not sure why I opened this post with that tidbit, but there ya go.

Lots of interesting hospital stuff over the last few days.  Here's the update.

Overall.  I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, so I'm tired but also extremely wired.  I think it's the steroids they are giving me.  I'm hoping to finish this blog and then get a nap.

Chemo. I'm halfway done this phase of (consolidation) chemo.  It's administered in intense doses, instead of a slow drip, as follows.  Each dose is two hours long, 12 hours apart, with a day off in between.  3 double doses total.  So my first dose was Tue 10p and Wed 10a; my second dose was last night at 10pm and will continue at 10am this morning (it's 9:40a now), and my third dose will be Sat nite into Sunday morning.  That will likely be followed by a week of feeling anywhere between "kinda crappy" and "like total shit" -- I'm intending on the former.

Impromptu Sinus/Tear Duct biopsy/surgery.  On the heels of the sinus-infection-related follow-up appointment I had last week, I was referred to an ophthalmologist because of a little cyst-like ball between my nose and tear-duct.  It had been getting smaller on its own in January, but last week really started to grow again so we were a little concerned: was it fungal?  Cancerous?  Nobody knew.  Strangely, it shrunk to about half size after the first intense chemo dose this week -- maybe some kind of leukemic deposit?

So yesterday, I went across the street to see the ophthalmologist dude.  After checking my vision (I'm 20/15 in my left eye and 20/35 in my right -- getting better in my old age I guess) and making sure my left tear duct wasn't badly blocked (it was partially blocked but nothing too serious) they decided to just go in there and grab some of it for a biopsy.  They actually got about half of it, which is great I guess.  Here's what I looked like on the way over to the appointment (click for bigger)...

here I am, a little fuzzy, after the procedure...

all cleaned up...

and finally, here's a close-up of the stitch job.  It shouldn't leave much of a scar.

Lastly, here's about 1/5 of the panoramic view from window from the 7th floor.  Absolutely gorgeous.

PICC Line. On Wednesday afternoon, the PICC team came in to give me my new line.  The experience was much better this time -- maybe because it was my third one in as many months -- or maybe because the team learned a few lessons from my last PICC. I got the team to take a few pics before they started.  Here's me under my tent...

And the whole scene:

They gave me some Ativan and I put on some mellow live Tangerine Dream (Pergamon).  Easy peesy like George and Ousie.

Food and appetite.  My appetite is still pretty kickin.  Yesterday I had a special veggie burrito for lunch and Uncle Dave brought Thai food in for dinner.  On Wednesday morning I watched the Tues night Flyers game via Slingbox/iPad while I ate breakfast...

and Dave brought a yummy burger and fries from Burgermeister for dinner.  Tonight, Gaurav is coming to visit with Indian food!  Prawn Saag... Chicken Makhani.... OWLGM!  As long as my taste buds are rockin, I'm going to pack away as much as I can.  As of this morning, my weight was still up... 155.  That's really only 8-10 pounds below my normal weight.  I'm a camel.

My own room.  Last night, around 9pm I moved from a shared room on 11 Long to my own room on 14 Long.  This new room is on the south side, so there are no views, but at least this floor as big flat screens.  No HD signal, but at least my Super Bowl watching experience will be vastly improved over those little hangy 13" screens on 11

What else?  Oh, Heather's mom arrives today and will be staying with her and the boys in San Rafael for a little more than a week.  Good timing too, as H wasn't feeling great yesterday.  Rest up, honey!  Oh, and Gramma, check your email -- I gifted you an iPad app for Floyd.  Yes, Gramma fell in love with my iPad so Grampa bought her one last week.  I'm sure Floyd will be ecstatic as he hasn't gotten any iPad time since Monday night.

Not much else to report for now.  Part two of my second dose of chemo is flowing, and I still have some energy, so I'm going to see if I get a little more work done.  As of now, I'm still feeling up for visitors -- we'll see how long that lasts.

I will kick its ass,



  1. Thanks for the great update! Can't thank you enough for keeping us informed; it is very comforting to know what's going on. We love you very much. Mom and Dad

  2. John - Thinking about you and your family every day. Your attitude, approach and this blog continue to inspire. Just wanted to write to say thanks.

    BTW, awfully nice of the Flyers to put up such a season for ya. Enjoy the All Star weekend via Steve Jobs' fabulous machine. Hopefully, the second half will be even more fun, and you can watch the playoffs at home on the big screen.

    Stay strong (as if I needed to tell you that).

  3. I'm a fellow SFDC'r following your journey - sending lots of positive energy your way for continued good appetite and healing.

  4. Hi John. I heard your news yesterday and got all caught up on your blog! Wow. You're amazing. Keep pushing. Heal heal heal!

  5. Hey John,

    We're rooting for you out here in Texas. Cri will likely be back in SF soon -- there's f-all for jobs here in College Station. If he lands something, hopefully we'll be able to stop by in person for a visit soon. Keep kickin' its ass. We love you,

    -Meko and Cri

  6. Another good update! Glad you've got an appetite.. EAT UP! :)

    Dude.. I ran across a post on that mentioned the "Philadelphia chromosome". It's sometimes associated with AML. Might you have the Philadelphia chromosome? Sounds like an '80s experimental band.

    Good luck with the sinus thing-a-ma-bob.

    Thanks for the updates!! Keep 'em comin'!

    Go flyers!

  7. Thanks for starting off with one of my favorite Floyd songs... I actually used to play that in the Valley with a group called Fast Frog that I was in - as keyboardist! - for about a year while at UMass. Who knew I had a rock life before yeP!?

    Also BIG ups to PRAWN SAAG! I knew a little Bali-hoo would be good for what ails ya... just don't get TOO used to eating like that, or you'll have buddha like ME when you're all done.

    Keep up the rock -I just realized I started this a week ago and never posted... D'OH!

    Much love, my friend,


  8. @matty: better late than never :) I go back once in a while to look at comments from old posts so I see what the latecomers say.


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