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jg on TV - News coverage of Bone Marrow Drive

Woah!  Looks like my brother and I were on the news this morning during coverage of the Bone Marrow Drive at

Click here to go directly to the video clip.

Or if that doesn't work, click here for the news wire, and then click the play media link on the left margin.

They must have just grabbed that pic from my blog.  It's not the one I would have chosen (no offense, Spudster) but it ain't bad.

I love that this drive is getting coverage in the news.  So cool.  Longer update later tonight or tomorrow with more info on the drive and an update from UCSF.

I will kick its ass,



  1. OK, once you're on TV, you've moved beyond "internet famous" to plain old "famous."

    I went down to the drive today and it was well-run, and it looked like a great turnout. The outpouring of support is a testament to how awesome you are, and how many people have so much love for you.

    Your fair weather Eagles fan,

  2. Wow! That's great coverage. I wasn't there for the drive (I've been in the donor registry for over 10 years), but I heard great things about how smooth and well attended it was. Awesome!

  3. I agree, not the best picture, can barely tell I am wearing an Eagles shirt. Should have worn a jersey! dg


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