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2011: So far, so good

Blogging Tunes: Phish Oddities Vol. 1 (Thanks, Lou!)

When they sprung me from UCSF on Friday afternoon (12/31/2010) it was somewhat of a surprise -- even to me.  I got a sense that it was possible on Thursday, and I knew Friday morning, that it was actually happening, but it was a rather sudden decision by the staff.  My counts just skyrocketed (a good thing) and I wasn't having any fevers or other adverse side effects, so they discharged me. I didn't want to post here on Friday morning, primarily because I didn't want to jinx it.  I also thought it would be a fun surprise for y'all to see the "I'm out" post, which, judging from the comments, it was.

Now before Heather knew I was getting discharged, the plan was for her to bring Orion to Dave and Laura's for a NYE sleepover.  Heather and I decided that I'd just show up and we'd surprise them.  Boy, did that ever work!  I wish I had a picture of Laura's face when she opened the door and saw me instead of H.  Priceless Moment #1.  When we arrived, Dave was out walking Buster, so I started scheming :)  When he got home, I was somewhat strategically out of sight.  I waited until everyone had said all their hellos and then I ran up to Dave and kinda grabbed him around the waist and made a startling sound.  Another blown photo up as he practically jumped out of his socks and then gave me a big hug.  Priceless Moment #2.

At least we captured Priceless Moment #3 -- two proud pappis with our little bundles of joy (as seen on Dave's Facebook page):

Note: first time ever that Dave's beard has been fuller than mine.

We hung out for a bit, had a wonderful dinner (thanks, Laura) and then I started getting sleepy, so Heather, Orion, and I headed home.  Remember, Floyd is still with his Gramma in Massachusetts.  In fact, they are on a plane to San Francisco as I type this.  Can't wait to see that little bug!

Anyway, the past few days at home have been absolute paradise.  Just being with Heather and O, sleeping in my own bed, getting to know our new house, playing piano, watching football in HD, and eating real food -- I know, it all sounds like normal stuff -- has been absolutely wonderful.  There's no such thing as normal now.

One strangeness we had to deal with was that our Phone/Internet/Cable had been out for a few days (since the storm that brought down that tree (see previous post.))  We had an appointment for yesterday (Sunday) between 10a and noon (just in time to watch the afternoon football games, right?)  Well, Saturday night, just before bed, I happened to look at my email on my Blackberry, and saw this message from Comcast:

We regret that you wish to cancel your recent order for Comcast Service.

This e-mail serves as confirmation of your order cancellation made on 01/02/2011. Your installation appointment has also been cancelled.

Huh?  Canceled?  Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?  So from 11:15p to 11:30p, I'm on the phone with them trying to get to the bottom of it.  Long story short: We got it worked out and the Comcast dude was there at 9:50a Sunday and did an awesome job.  The cable coming to our house was shredded, and even melted in places, from the storm.  He ran a new cable from the street or wherever and we were good to go by around 11:30a.  Thanks, Cable Guy!

So the Packers are in, and the G-men are out.  Fine with me.  Didn't wanna deal with any possible NYG payback.  Bring on the Pack.  Go Birds.  Here's a picture of me and baby-O while I was chillin watching football.  Happy daddy, happy O:

Would you believe I took this one myself?  Left arm outstretched, pointing the Blackberry back at us.

So, if you haven't figured it out, I'm feeling great.  I have a ton of energy, my appetite is back with a vengeance, and my taste buds are slowly returning to normal.  I have a crapload of weight to gain so I'm eating like there's no tomorrow.

I have an appointment at the UCSF clinic tomorrow where they'll check my counts and other things, but in my heart (and mind) I know the news will be good.  I definitely feel like we've achieved a remission.  I'm intending for this remission to last forever.  That would be a "medical miracle" but who says miracles don't happen, right, ma?

Lots of other excitement on deck this week.  Not only are Floyd and Gramma coming home today, but my good buddies Mike (don't call me "Siro-shit") Sirowitz and Lou (don't call me "Little Louis Bruckner" Brucker are coming to visit this weekend.  If all goes well, they, and a bunch of the core crew will be up to watch the Eagles beat up on the Packers next Sunday.

Here's to an incredible 2011 to all of us.  As Sol Rosenberg would say, "God bless us all!"

I will kick its ass,



  1. Dude...DUDE! Words just can't describe my feeling reading this. Can't wait to see the pic of Floyd back in your arms. Truly inspiring stuff, John.

    Keep up the counts, keep up the weight...

    Tracy, Hope, Ruby and I send our continued love and support.

    Stay strong and keep on kicking its ass!

    - ejsphilly

  2. Wow! Just love this post and all of the good news it brings. Love it, love it, love it! Keep kicking ass, JG!

  3. Thanks for all the updates man! Made my day to get into the office this morning and hear you're a free man!

  4. Great to hear this, John. Keep whooping its ass. Best wishes for a (much) better year!

  5. Awesome post! Your energy is contagious! Going to be an excellent year!

  6. Reading this certainly made my day! SOOOOO happy to hear how great you're doing - it's all that ass kicking in you!

  7. Yeaaah baybeee!! So stoked that you're happy, dude. Makes me grin big time!! :)

    Keep stuffing your face. So awesome that you're home feeling better - and even have a bit of an appetite!

    Wussum schtuff, meng.

    Bon apetit!

  8. Great to hear this, looking forward to some R&G Special Beef with you :P


  9. Right on, right on, my friend... eat up, feed the Buddha, and keep us up to date on the good news.

  10. Super Good news Jaggu...

    Wish u a Happy healthy and wonderful new year.
    Keep kicking its ass.

  11. That's a good start for the new year!
    Keep on!

  12. What an incredible way to kick of the year indeed!!! Truly awesome. Enjoy the time back with the family, and eat up!! ;) -mg

  13. Fantastic news! Excellent start to the new year!

  14. This was definitely the most memorable NYE yet. It makes me smile to remember opening the door! :-) It was SO wonderful to see you, and to have an Earthtones evening. Lots of love to you!

  15. wow, That's a great news JG. Love this post a lot.

    Happy New Year to you and to the rest of Greene family. Enjoy the time with family & kids..

    Will be in touch


  16. You are an inspiration..I read all your entries last evening and this morning have sent out a request to everyone I know on email, posted to my facebook and put a note on my linkedin profle, asking people to consider registering. I had no idea it was so easy to register.

    13 years ago a baby in Omaha needed a bone marrow transplant to survive and his perfect match was a woman in Germany..heres to trusting the universe to find the perfect match...take care!

    Lynda from SF

  17. Loving this update JG. Stay strong!

  18. Kick Ass News John!!!!! - Tyler

  19. Hey, John! It's Ash from SFDC. Geez, I feel like I've been on Mars not going what you've been going through. Miss Vi, of all people, sent me the link to your blog this morning. It's a great post to start on. I believe in miracles! Let me know if you need/want company. I can swing by with baked goods that will surely help with the weight gain ;)

  20. Hugs Jaggu. Catching up with your blog after seeing your pic on facebook with Dave on New Years Day. Happy New Year!!


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