May 31, 2024: jgwkia has moved to substack

JGWKIA (jg will kick its ass) has moved to substack. You can access (and subscribe to) it by clicking here.

The full URL to my substack is There will be no more new posts here, and eventually will point there, not here. Bye bye Blogger!

I'm out, beeeyotches!

Merry New Year!!!!!

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  1. In this country, we say "Happy New Year."

    But if you're out - you can say whatever the f*ck you want to say. Happy New Year Greenes!

  2. Hey JG, merry happy New Year, it's good to see you are out. May 2011 be more "kickitsasstic" than ever :) -- I will stay tuned.
    "Bonne Année !"

  3. Please to help me with my rucksack?

    Merry new year to you, too. So psyched they sprung you early!

  4. Happy new year, so happy to hear this!

  5. I'll most definitely drink to that! /cheers jg + family here's to a healthy, happy new year!

  6. AWESOME!!!!!!!! A Happy and most healthy New Year to you and your family!!! Positive vibes ALWAYS coming your way!

  7. Yeah!!! What a great Happy New Year!

  8. Wowie. What a nice surprise. Yasha and I wish you an awesome, kickin it's ass, happy AND healthy New Year!!!

  9. Congrats... we are SOOOO excited. Marty, Diana & the Munchkin!

  10. Great New Year's Surprise to see you OUT! Greg and I just reintroduced ourselves to Floyd. He is truly a joy! He told me he is going home on Monday! Yay.

    Love Love Love


  11. phenominal news! wishing you a much happier & healthier 2011!!

  12. Hi Daddy... Hi Mommy


    3363969 Floyd typed you Mommy and Daddy Kisses. rdrfgyhjhjjl,77774548577 It's more kisses.

    745217485554 Hi Daddy I love you.ccdr56668ihgfikiiujijiu888555532

    I'm sending you eleven thirteen fifteen kisses.

    All quotes from Floyd!

  13. woohoo! That's great! Happy New Year!

  14. Happy 2011!!!

    Big Hugs...

    The Westlands

  15. HAPPY NEW YEAR JG! from all your colleagues down under.

  16. Such wonderful news! Yayyyyy!! Bonne Annee 2011!

  17. YEAAAAAH!!!

    Happy new year, indeed!!


  18. Just so we're clear, you were actually released by UCSF, right? I just wanted to make sure Heather didn't break you out for NYE for a real life version of a whacky rom-com with a heart... In any event, I'm already writing this up, John - and I should have a treatment finalized in a couple of days. I'll make sure you get your credit if it takes off. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the lead, ok?

    In all seriousness, I hope all's going FANTASTIC for you and the family at home (and in Mass) and that you're feeling better every day.

    Best wishes,

    The Simons

  19. Fantastic news for the New Year. Keep on kicking ass.

  20. Hey John, I'm Diana's pal, Jeanne...she told me what was up with you...I've got the prayers and good vibes going out to you and Heather.
    Kasi and i are here, in Diamond Heights- if you need help- San Rafael is not far. Give a holler.
    415-817-1435. We love babies- so if you just need some baby care for Orion- so you can have some time with your sweetie... or whatever would help!
    Keep on kicking ass, dude. You can do this!
    Warmly, Jeanne

  21. Dude... Merry new year indeed. welcome back to the outside.

    Beef jerky time!


  22. woo hoooo!!!!!!

    ...and stay out! :)

    happy new year, and keep kickin'.


  23. Late to the game, but



    Have been thinking about you. Can't register for the bone marrow registry, being that I'm knocked up and all, but will look into cord blood banking to see if that helps.



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