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Hey Philly Peeps! My oldest and dearest friend, Lauren "Bagel" Bacal Spike is once again leading the Philly Bleeds Greene team for the Big Climb at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday May 11, 2024 supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Locals, please consider joining the team. Others, please consider donating to Lauren's campaign.

Piano and View

So it turns out there's a piano on the 5th floor of the hospital.  Since my little drug machine has a built-in 2-hour rechargeable battery, I thought to myself, "This is great!  As long as I'm feeling OK, I can go down and play for a couple hours at time."

Well, it turns out that my little drug setup is a bio-hazard, and isn't allowed off the 8th floor.  I guess I'm not as portable as I'd like.  So I worked out a deal with my doctor that I could disconnect from the chemo for an hour a day to go down and play.  It really doesn't affect the treatment and it is certainly therapeutic for me.

So at 1:30p today, they unhooked me and I went down to play.  From memory:

Jam >
Mississippi Half Step >
Black Peter
Time >
Breathe Reprise >
Great Gig in the Sky
Russian Lullaby
Standing on the Moon
Crazy Fingers
Comfortably Numb
E: Friend of the Devil

How could there be an "E", you ask?  Well, I was supposed to be back at my room at 2:30 to be re-hooked up, but I kinda went-off on the Comfortably Numb jam and wasn't done til about 2:35.  As I was walking to the elevator, Cheri, my doctor's head nurse was coming towards me.  I said, "I know, I know, I'm coming."  But she said, "Screw that, I want to hear you play.  They can wait a few more minutes."

So we went back to the rec room, and I wanted to play something mellow and happy, so I played FOTD.  I forgot to ask her to take a picture.  Maybe tomorrow, if I'm still feeling ok, I'll play again and get someone to take a pic.

Here are a couple pictures I did take today.  The view from my window, looking South along Stanyan, toward Upper Haight and Sutro Tower:

And here's one from the 8th floor common area looking North towards Marin:

I will kick its ass,



  1. Roger Waters has been in town all week. I'm pissed at myself for not getting tickets. The Wall at the Core States, err, F.U., err, Wachovia, err. Wells Fargo Center!

    He would have been proud... and you sound great! Can you have that nurse record something for the masses out here?

  2. keep rocking it jg! stay strong!


  3. so glad you got a chance to play!!:)

  4. I bet there were some happy people on that floor this afternoon.

    What do the > symbols mean?

  5. Hey man,

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm following along here and cheering you on!


  6. I love this post! stream the next performance to the blog!!

    Keep up those spirits bud!

  7. I only have one Grateful Dead album, and it happens to be Built To Last. Is that the Standing on the Moon you're talking about? Great song. :)

    captcha: grimpain

    F you, google.

  8. Nice set. Was there a tapers' section? ;)

  9. We're rootin' for you John. You can win this fight.

  10. This is awesome stuff. Maybe some yeP! tunes today. Gotta get the whole band to do a reunion set at St Marys!

  11. Simply awesome. Is there a taper section there? I some livre solo jg at St. Mary's.

    If you want some people to jam with let me know... it's a bit of a hike for a jam session, but I won't rule anything out. Except maybe allowing a horde of stinky musicians into a hospital.

  12. When I host the "JG is cancer free" party in SF, the yeP! guys must come out for the entertainment. I will pick a venue that accomodates. --dg

  13. Laura,
    The > symbols mean a segway from one song to another.

  14. John! Don't forget that many people pray for your recovery in Korea too! including me and Mr, Kang

  15. JG, the Avericks are in your corner! Spoke with Dave this morning - this will just be a speed bump on the road of life...kick ass!

  16. Check out my mom with the ">" answers! Knew you still had some deadhead in ya, Ma!

    But I think it's "segue". :)

  17. LOL.. Awesome! Thanks for the setlist.. Love the encore. That's hilarious. :)

  18. Nice first set John. I'm hoping for a Throwing Stones and Help>Slip>Franklins for your second set! (-;


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