The Big Climb

Thank you to everyone who donated to Light the Night 2022. We raised almost $23,000!

Next up is the San Francisco Big Climb which takes place on April 29, 2023 at Oracle Park. More details on how to climb with us soon. Need a few more 2022 donations for tax purposes? No time like the present. :) My (still to be customized) fundraising page for the 2023 Big Climb is here.

Is it Monday Yet?

A few folks were concerned that I didn't get a post up yesterday.  I guess I set the wrong expectations by blogging so much during the beginning.  I pretty much felt like shit the entire weekend, so I had to take a day off from posting.  The reality is, the post frequency may fall off quite a bit, I really don't know.  I'm not going to get into the gory details of all my discomfort as some of you are probably eating your morning bagel right about now.

But I will say this... with the exception of making two slow laps around the 8th floor yesterday morning with Doogie, I pretty much lay in bed all day and watched football.  Not having the package kinda sucks, but at least there were good games on in the morning (MIN/CHI, CIN/IND).  I was bummed I didn't get to watch the cowgirls, but STL/SF wound up being a great game.  Of course, tonight is the game that really matters.  Hopefully I'll feel up to having visitors.  The blood I got yesterday seems to be giving me a little more energy.  Charles and Tripp are tentatively scheduled to make an appearance.

The rest of my family had a much different (better?) Sunday.  We got one of those fluky days where it was really warm out -- even by the beach.  Tripp and Monique were kind enough to take Floyd for most of the day, and Auntie Na Na took baby-O.  Looks like everyone had a great time, and Heather got some time to deal with the new house, moving prep, etc.

Here are some pics from the beach.  Floyd and Evans looked like they had a blast.  Thanks for sending, Tripper

And here's one of sleeping O.  Thanks, Naomi!

So it's Monday.  My 7th day of chemo and the day we hopefully find out a little more about what lies ahead.  Let's hope for a good day.  Go Eagles!

I will kick its ass,



  1. Great pics! Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude to everyone who is helping. Go Eagles!

    John's Mom & Dad

  2. Keep up the fight John! Always thinking of you!

  3. No expectations for blog frequency -- we just want to feel like we're in touch. Just know we're all here roootin' for you!

    Looks like a nice Indian summer.. Hang in there with the chemo man. You wirr kirr its prace.

  4. Don't tell my fellow New Englanders, but I will be secretly rooting for the Eagles tonight on your behalf...

  5. Great pictures, put a smile on my face. We are all rooting for you.

  6. Hi John, great to see you doing laps and hearing about your playlists! Stay strong, man. Much love, Bud.

  7. Great reading through your posts and feeling your strength -- you will definitely kick its ass! Stay strong!

  8. Trust you thoroughly enjoyed the game last night John ;-). Certainly made me smile thinking how much you must have been.

    Looking forward to more positive updates here, keep fightin', I know it's ass is marked!

  9. Happy Tuesday my bro. The Eagles, Flyers and JG are all kickin ass. Sixers suck. Have a great day! dg

  10. Hi John it's good to see you posting. Words often fail under these circumstances so just know we're all behind you. I know few other people who bike UP the hills in San Francisco with their son riding merrily on the back. You've got real strength and that will see you through. Take care of yourself buddy.

  11. Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor! All of us in Tier3 @ SFDC are pulling for you! Hang in there!

  12. Best of luck, John! Have a speedy recovery.

  13. I hope the suspense of PHI-WAS wasn't too much for you. Glad your boys squeaked out a win.


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