Yo, Philly!

Hey Philly Peeps! My oldest and dearest friend, Lauren "Bagel" Bacal Spike is once again leading the Philly Bleeds Greene team for the Big Climb at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday May 11, 2024 supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Locals, please consider joining the team. Others, please consider donating to Lauren's campaign.


Eileen and Louis Simon, parents of Eric J. Simon (the philly one), were kind enough to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my room.  These and the orchid sent by Heather's parents add a nice touch to the somewhat sterile ambiance of the 8th floor of St. Mary's.

The rest of you... don't get any ideas though.  Come Friday or Saturday, I probably won't be allowed to have any flowers in my room.  No flowers, no raw fruit/veggies, no sushi, nothing with high risk of little critters that could damage my soon-to-be-non-existent immune system.

Louis, if you're reading this, you've been in my thoughts lately, as I know you've had some health issues of your own.  It wasn't all that long ago, that you, me, Eric, Doug, Panda, and Printer were hanging out in the living room at 1576 Cloverly Lane and watching the Eagles.  If I recall, you may have even taken me to my first Eagles game back in the day.  Good times to remember.

There really aren't many shelves for decorations or anything except for the top of the little pull down wall computer rack that the nurses use.  We're properly filling that up with monkeys, family-related stuff, and Philly gear.


  1. Can someone buy my brother a bigger shelf?!

  2. Be strong, JG! We are thinking of you!

  3. Dude, I am stunned. You sound so practical and brave. Awesome JG as always. Pls keep the posts coming. Love to you and your family.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on the flowers and such... guess I'll have to cancel that order of mangoes and Uni ;-). Keep us apprised - hope the first round is going smoothly.

    Strong like ox.

  5. JG! I'm am saddened to hear the news, but I'm so sure that you are strong and brave and will indeed kick its ass!! *huggles* GO JG!

  6. John! kick its f'ng ass! Be strong... Allez Jean Vert ;) -Fabien W

  7. Hi there,
    Enjoy them as long as you can & then hopefully Heather can take them home for a bit. Just want you to know we are thinking about you & will send as many positive vibs as we can. With your amazing spirit & wit we know you will win. Eileen & Louis


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