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1000 cranes and managing the pain

Blogging tunes: Genesis - TLLDOB

So much has happened between my last post and now.  Unforch, this will have to be the short version of the update.  I have been on Norco (very nice pain reliever) for the last few days, and it keeps my head out of computer land most of the day.  Norco is great, but I can only have it every 4 hours.  By the 3rd hour it usually wears off: the pain comes back, but at least I feel awake enough to do something for a bit -- I usually sleep during the first hour or two of the Norco.  Haven't been sleeping well at night recently, so I'll take it when I can get it.  Now we get a quick blogging hour.

Basically, the last few days have been about managing the horrible pain I had/havefrom 1) headaches 2) sinus swelling.  The headaches, turns out, were a nasty side effect of one of the meds they gave me to help with some mouth issues.  Of course, no one told me that a side effect to watch out for was headaches, so it wasn't until my head was pounding for 1.5 days that I demanded a med review of all my meds.  "FIND THE CONFLICT!"

It didn't take long for them to pinpoint the suspect.  Problem was, they found this out 10 minutes *after* I had just taken another dose (Sunday morning, I think).  So the headaches weren't completely gone until Monday.

Of course, by then, the Eagles had given me a headache all kidding aside, I was half out of it for the game and wasn't really affected by the loss.  And thanks to the Raiders mot being able to sell out, the Eags game was on regular TV out here.  Now if we lose on Thursday...

Can someone please tell me where this sinus swelling came from?

Yeah, it can be hard to open my left eye.

So they did a CT scan on me yesterday and confirmed that there's a bunch of stuff up there, and it's not draining on its own.  So this morning, they wanted me to see a ENT doc, but so far, no doc :(.  I just called my doc and he said he'd call over to the ENT doc's office again.  I really don't to want to waste another day on this, so I'm hoping he comes by today -- it's already 4:45p though.

If I can just have one pain-free day, I'll be pretty close to going home.  My counts continue to move in the positive direction, but it's these setbacks that keep me here.

OK, onto the yang of all this pain yin.  Carol Franger, a co-worker at organized a group of people to make me 1000 oragami cranes.  She even created a Chatter Group so folks could organize.  Here's the description of the group:

We are creating 1000 origami cranes (Senbazuru) for our co-worker John Greene as he battles Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

If you can't make it for the party, stop by Carol Franger's desk--on 8 Landmark near Imua--for origami paper and instructions for making cranes.

Here's some background on Senbazuru:
Here are two pics of the finished product.  One hanging at work, and one with me from last night.  Thanks to Benji for bringing it by.  Benji's going to keep it safe until I go home at which point, we'll hang it in our new house.

Really amazing and inspirational stuff, Carol. Thank you so much. 

Non-salesforce people... don't know what chatter is?  Check out:

By the way, that orange shirt was sent to me from Korea by my good friend S.W.Kang.  It says "JG will kick its ass."  Thanks, Kang.  Miss ya, buddy.

Lastly, one thing to hopefully make you laugh.  I saw an ad on The Herd today for Mr. Steamy.  Mr. Steamy is one of those magical products for $19.95 that does something you can't live without.  This little gem, they claim, if you throw in your dryer, will end your days of ironing.  Oh yeah, and of course, if you order now, you get two of 'em (hence the split screen.)


I will kick its ass (even amidst the annoying setbacks),



  1. No internet for a week... I've missed your blog. The cranes are amazing... what a beautiful idea!

    Floyd was visiting with his buddy Jaedon tonight, and Jaedon asked "where's Floyd's daddy?" It was a little heartbreaking, but very sweet to hear Floyd explain to Jaedon in his two-and-a-half year old way that you are at the hospital to make your boo boos better.

    We miss you.

  2. Those cranes are awesome!! 

    Chatter looks super cool. Is that a product you've been working on?

  3. Amazing cranes, amazing post, and amazing attitude. Keep it up. dg

  4. I'm so glad you like the cranes! We've all been thinking about you and we look forward to having you back in the office. I hope that sinus infection is gone soon! Take care.



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